Love Trip

(ft. Harrowgrove)

Love Trip Artwork.jpg
"All these days I've been moving. The road has been long. One filled with demons and creatures that would suck the life out of me if I let them. Even in the dark they aren't hard to spot. They always seem friendly. They smile like they want the best for me but in reality they creep up on me when I least expect it and attach their blood sucking tentacles to my brain and drain out every bit of energy like the Monsters in Space Jam. They hide them under their Dad Hats; their tentacles I mean. They wear their horns proudly though; the way New Yorkers wear Yankee hats or Nazis wear swastikas. You've been on my mind all this time. While I have been scathed, I plan to return home with my soul intact."

After a three year hiatus, Philly based Producer Eric Boss is back with a single featuring Trip-Hop vocalist, Harrowgrove. It was November 2014 when Mr. Boss released the bubbly but weird "I Need Some Real Sh*t" via Do Androids Dance & Complex. This time around he's striking a much deeper, darker chord. Stepping further into the world of power chords & heavy bass, Eric uses the vocals less like a lead and more like an element of ambience. 


After his 2014 release, Eric began his hiatus as a producer. He felt as though he was on to something. Not wanting to ruin it, the South Philly native spent the next two years honing his craft. Shortly after the release his path crossed with Grammy Award winning Engineer & Producer, Jon Smeltz. In Philly, Smeltz is known mostly for his long relationship with The Roots. His studio is often referred to as The Roots Room. In reality, Jon has worked with everyone from Usher to Kanye West to Prince. Since January 2015 Eric has spent endless hours in the studio learning and creating from Jon. He has been recruited as a performance DJ for the Hip-Hop act AIME & the Nxn Believers, as well as an additional producer & engineer for the studio work.