Eric Boss was born and raised in the Philadelphia Metro Area. He attended grade school in South Jersey where he started music lessons at the age of 9. It was at the same age that the future producer would first learn to DJ. In school, he played in the percussion section of the band. At home, he would recite Jay-Z lyrics while getting DJ lessons from his Uncle. That was 1997. A lot has changed in 20 years. From there he studied Music Theory and Music Production at Washington Twp. High School. After graduating he moved on to audio engineering school at The Institute of Audio Research in New York City.

It was during his time spent in NYC that he started taking music production serious...

I remember house sitting a couple of weeks for my friend's uncle. His place was in Greenwich Village just a block from the park. It was tiny but amazing. The tub is in the kitchen, its weird. My friend and I would setup a keyboard in the living room, get drunk & high, and I would make beats while he mixed them. It was in that apartment that I fell in love with producing.

While some his friends from school moved on to careers in the music industry, Eric fell in line with his other classmates who went back to jobs outside of the career they wanted. Moving from job to job, all the while building up skill sets that wouldn't see their potential for almost a decade. DJing a Sweet 16s doesn't require the same level of skill as few hundred person crowd : just as doing live sound for a seminar in a hotel ball room doesn't require the same level as skill as assisting a 6 time Grammy winner in a ten instrument recording session.

From 2007 to 2011 my music career went no where. I was still trying to rap when I met Scott in 2012. Then Trap Music hit and everything changed. We threw this end of the year party in Philly, in the hood. We packed this house with kids that were hearing Trap Music for the first time. They lost their sh*t. We had to clear everyone out of the living room because the floor was caving into the basement.

In 2012, Eric met a producer from his hometown by the name of Scott Tennett. It was during the sessions with Scott that Eric started to dive intro dance music. They started hosting parties together on top of producing and while the scene was still developing, they were developing their sound. In 2013 they started releasing remixes under the alias The Program. While the success was nothing crazy, it was definitely worth talking about. Their music would be featured on sites like Do Androids Dance & Complex. They performed at Mad Decent Monday in Philly before it ended and had the chance to play along side club music pioneers like G-Buck. It was during his time with The Program. that Eric started to develop relationships in the Philly music scene and the online electronic music community. 

In 2014, the two split up and Eric pursued a solo career as a dance producer. He began actively DJing shows and releasing music. His first single was released with Do Androids Dance & featured on Complex but shortly after he disappeared from the scene. After the release, Eric began his hiatus as a producer and journey towards developing a unique sound. The South Philly native would spend the next two years honing his craft in private. Shortly after the release his path crossed with Grammy Award winning Engineer & Producer, Jon Smeltz. In Philly, Smeltz is known for his long relationship with The Roots. His studio is often referred to as The Roots Room. In reality, Jon has worked with everyone from Usher to Kanye West to Prince. Since January 2015, Eric has spent endless hours in the studio learning from Jon. He has been recruited as a performance DJ for the Hip-Hop act AIME & the Nxn Believers, as well as an additional producer & engineer in the studio. His work with Dameadelphia, who has produced hits for The Roots, has led to Eric's further involvement in the Philly Street Art scene.

From curating shows to releasing club remixes, Eric Boss has established himself as a contributing figure in the Philly music scene. So far in 2017 Eric has two releases, his remix interpretation of Aime's Book of David (EP) and his beat tape with Joey Stix, Dabs & Bacon. His first single is a trip-hop influenced song featuring Philly vocalist, Harrowgrove. The song is titled Love Trip and will be available on all streaming services on September 29th.

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